Thursday, November 1, 2007

QQ #3 (Wo)Man

For what reason/purpose did God create man?

a) Pets

b) Entertainment

c) Ego boost

d) A & B

e) Other


Stacy said...

If a), he's quite negligent, and we're probably worse behaving than good ole Boog (our Rotty).

If b), I'm sure we're giving a good laugh at all times. Especially Westboro Baptist.

If c), he's failed miserably or has a really big problem with self esteem.

If d), negligent humor is okay I guess.

If e), if by "other" you mean "he didn't", then I pick e).

Evie said...

Why isn't A+B+C offered? Regardless, I choose e) meaning he didn't do it.

Skeptigator said...

I pick E) Other.

He actually uses us as food. Think about it. He was really involved in the beginning, had the Jews (his personal Waiters-on-the-Way) animal sacrificing and that lasted a while, kept the belly full, then he sees other tribes not animal sacrificing and tells the Jews, "hey, go slaughter them... umm... because their on your land... yea... that's it". Then when the slaughtered showup at the pearly gates he thinks, "what the heck I'll try some of that" and boom he's got the taste for the humans. Read the OT the big guys got the Jews killing right and left. Then about the time of Jebus, the Jews aren't that big of a deal anymore and the animal sacrifices are cuttin' it and the Jews haven't been in a position to mass murder for awhile, so he opens it up to everybody and now it's like a buffet up there. The meat was little lean during the Middle Ages but you take the good with the bad.

Think about it... disturbing, yes, but it starts to make sense. ;)

Jared said...

Skeptic- You are one disturbed person. Keep up the good work.

Unfortunately, I seriously wonder about this one. From my years of training I can only assume that he created mankind to worship him.

John 4:23

Makes god seem like T.O. Owens. And if god IS, in fact, TO...why does he work on the Sabbath?

Get your popcorn ready!

Evie said...

Skeptigator - your exegesis is positively nauseating! Do I detect western or American arrogance in your assessment of the quality of the Middle Ages cuisine? Do you think plump 21st century Americans are tastier? Of course, with all that marbling, they're probably easier to chew. :)