Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1 year, 11 months, 14 days

...That's how long it has been since any of you have officially heard from the Stacy & Jared duo. What have we been doing? Let's see...

Stacy got a new job and a promotion a year later.
We moved into our house together.
We've played in probably over 500 games of poker and double that for scrabble.
We've watched every season of House.
We've watched every season of Dexter.
We've watched every season of Mad Men.
We've watched every season of Rescue Me.
Jared has beaten 6 different games on XBox 360.
We got a Wii, and we are obese.
We've had pee-wee football, pee-wee t-ball, youth soccer, and dance classes to attend.
Our kids have grown to almost-5, 7, and the dreaded 12.
Jared built a deck, 3 arbors, and a tree house in the back yard.
We have extricated 4 Crepe Myrtles from our property, and had a dead oak tree removed.
We've consumed approximately 14,000 oz of beer, 50 bottles of whiskey, 50 bottles of vodka, and 90 cases of redbull and diet coke.
We've been to Oklahoma, New Orleans, southern Mississippi, Los Angeles, Cabo San Lucas, and Cancun.
We've gotten a collective 6 new tattoos.
We've won over $600 in scratch-off lottery tickets.
We've taken guitar lessons and written our own lyrics to silly songs.
We've laid on the roof and looked at the stars thru standard binoculars.
We've read dozens of books, and listened to the 50-CD audio book of Atlas Shrugged.
We've done 98 New York Times Sunday Crossword puzzles.
We deleted our myspace accounts.
We opened facebook accounts.
Jared completed the new Cowboys Stadium project.
We've made new friends, and lost touch with old ones.
We've hung out with atheists and felt out of place (how is that possible?)

And now we're back, older, wiser, and as steady in our disbelief as we've ever been.
Looking forward to catching up, renewing our spot on blogrolls, and having blogger-comment conversations with people we wouldn't normally get to talk to.

Here's to Redux!

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