Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jesus Junk and Xian Privilege

I think this shows that Christians can get away with just about anything...Wonder if these ethically challenged companies pray for forgiveness?

"I think you have a real tension between the legal department and the PR department," he said. "(Large companies) are very sensitive to looking like they are anti-Christian, so they are very restrained in going after the wrongdoers."

Seriously? Apparently Xians have all the money and influence in this "democracy" we live in. I bet they buy this shit in bulk at the mega churches for their highly unnecessary book stores and internet cafes.

I still haven't bought a truly "offensive" anti-Christian shirt to wear in public...maybe I should. Although, I did take my Jesus ashtray to play poker a few times, back when you could smoke in local bars...there wasn't much warmth at the table those nights.

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Dixie said...

Remember that really cool Jesus teeshirt you had in Jr.High from Chruch camp?

I'd have thought you'd gotten over wearing your thoughts long ago...

just catching up...