Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fend for Yourselves

A cursory glance at today’s Dallas Morning News headlines shows that God must currently be on vacation. I cannot speculate on his destination or how long He's taking this hiatus but it’s apparent that He is
taking some time off.

SWAT doctors credited with saving Dallas officers life

Ex-Cowboy Ron Springs has ‘no hope’ of survival

US Deaths from staph ‘superbug” may surpass AIDS deaths

Young evangelical voters diverge from parents

Al Gore shares Nobel Peace Prize with UN panel

Mark Cuban will dance again

Dinosaurs rise over McKinney exhibit

I like to picture my vacation Jesus wearing a “Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local’ t-shirt and a shaggy beard. It says to everyone “Hey, I may be tri-omni but I know how to get my party on…so save the requests until I get back into the Office.”

He better hurry back before Bill Maher announces his candidacy for President.

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