Tuesday, December 4, 2007

God is a Traitor

Where do I start?

First of all let me say that this is a huge shock to my system. I spent my entire childhood thinking my beloved Cowboy franchise was “God’s Team”. Now He goes out and trades for a REDSKIN defensive back to fill His 'starting safety' position.

Well, God, let me tell You something! Free agency may have changed the way we view the National Football League today but YOU, sir/ma’am, have crossed the line this time.

Your loyalty is definitely in question now. You tell Jerry to pass on Randy Moss and his record 17 TDs in the 1998 draft – FOR CHARACTER REASONS – and now You pull this bonehead move? I mean, he was great, but a REDSKIN?!?


Hell, I didn't even KNOW you had your own franchise! I can tell you that Landry will not put up with this nonsense.

So, God – who did you replace at the position? I can only assume it’s this guy:

I'll tell you THIS -- You better leave T.O. and ROMO alone! Or else we're gonna close that hole in the roof so you can't watch anymore!


Anonymous said...

Hate to break this to ya', dude: not only are the Cowboys not God's team, football is not even His sport! Didn't ya' hear that the Colorado Rockies are His team now? He got them into the World Series to prove His power, ya' know, but then He let them lose to keep 'em humble. Surely, the Lord doth work in mysterious ways! Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I agree with you, Jared, & if
you want to, you're as of now welcome to take 'It' up with me, please, so that I can at long last
more easily than up till now of course tell you & e.g. give myself a chance to find out, why common sense is better than such A Big Coward, He didn't even trust in Himself, when I wondered, if there
WAS any God up there.
Greetings, Ifounditout@yahoo.com.

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mikespeir said...

I demur! The Cowboys ARE God's team. That's how he got to be a deistic god. He lost interest in the rest of his creation.